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Our Task is working to educate young adults about global issues that our generation faces and strategies to address them. In this Wiki, we are summarizing experts' leading work on Global Outlooks for our future and Global Strategies proposed to address our challenges. The information included here is very important, but we have not been able to update it for a few year, however. We are currently seeking volunteers to help update the information. Visit www.ourtask.org for more information on these volunteer opportunities!

Earth Outlooks
Summarizes the expert projections in key areas such as energy, health, security, climate change (and many other areas) so that we can better understand the complex global issues our generation faces. It answers the question: What do the experts say about the future world we will inherit and pass on to our children?

Earth Strategies
Summarizes some of the leading thoughts on strategies that could help us address the complex, global un-sustainability problem that our generation faces. It answers the question: What are the leading thoughts on sustainability strategies?
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